Your wedding day may be a lovely, romantic and charming occasion, that brings together two families for a day of celebration. you have got probably spent months carefully coming up with all the finer details to create the complete day pleasant for you and your guests. Asian weddings, especially, have many traditions to adhere to, each cultural and religious, which is why it’s so important to search out Asian wedding photographers who will capture the distinctive atmosphere. Asian wedding traditions are colourful and dramatic, which add to the fun and private nature of your day and promise dynamic and unforgettable pictures.         

Wedding photographers are usually fixed in making ‘perfect’ poses, however, our Asian wedding photography London services don’t believe forced moments and unnatural movement. These take up too much time and energy after you should be living and enjoying the reality of your wedding day. Instead, our Asian wedding photography London services aim to be invisible throughout your day, by slipping into the background, so we can capture some of your most wanted moments as they occur naturally. we believe that by creating false moments can only produce photographs that you have got no emotional tie with.

As an Asian wedding photographer in the UK, I actually have been ready to work in a variety of locations. Very often, Hindu ceremonies can take place in a large hotel with a variety of rooms for the ceremony, drinks and dancing. For Sikh weddings, the day usually can start at each the bride and groom's house before getting to the Gurdwara for the wedding ceremony and then moving to a venue for the reception and dancing. The atmosphere at asian weddings, I actually have always found to be relaxed and fun, with guests being happy to be together and enjoying the moment.