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The Sikh wedding is a very special ceremony within which two people are joined in a very equal partnership. it is joyous and festive event that is extremely family oriented and informal in its atmosphere. Sikh marriages are sometimes organized with families acting as very little more than introduction services. the ultimate selection is always left to the girl and boy. In some cases the boy and girl select one another first so seek their parents consent and blessing.


Pre-Wedding Events in Sikh Wedding Photography:-

We offer 3 to 4-hour coverage in our packages that covers Mahiya, Jagoo and Choora ceremony in Sikh Weddings. Usually, pre-wedding events are for close friends and family and ensure we capture those moments when the bride's uncle is putting bangles or when the groom's mom is putting mahiya on the groom.


Sikh wedding Photographer:-

Ceremony in Sikh Weddings in London roughly are about one hour together with everything. we take a different approach for the Sikh wedding ceremonies, wherever one photographer focuses on more bright and airy look at the main photographer goes for a lot of dramatic and dynamic look. during our conferences for mood boards in our Mississauga studio, we usually ask couples what do they just like the most and we photograph in step with the inputs of the couple.


Sikh Wedding Portraits Photography in London 

As shortly we leave from Sikh Temple, we spend about one hour with the bridal party and also the couple for the post wedding portraits on a Sikh wedding usually in London . we usually suggest bridal party to leave after their part is completed in the first 30 minutes and after that, we spend another 30 minutes with the couple


Doli the bride in Sikh weddings

Right when the portraits, Bridal send off is extremely emotional of Sikh weddings. this is the time as Sikh wedding photography expert we anticipate a lot of emotions from the family which we love capturing. Panni group is another traditional Ceremony which we offer added cover where the mother of the groom welcomes the bride to the new house.

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